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The company provides maintenance services for buildings (construction - architectural - electricity - plumbing Air conditioning – fire systems) to address any defect or damage that may arise from consumption and use Facilities by a distinguished cadre of engineers and technicians to reach the highest services Quality grades to keep pace with economic development

  • See and keep up Variables and developments In the real estate market
  • Qualification and training Continuous for Our all team members
  • Commitment to transparency Impartiality and credibility In our work

Al Majd Al Mutahed Trading & Contracting Company works to meet part of the needs of The State at the Service of Qatar's Booming Construction Sector

Implementation of rehabilitation and restoration projects and operations for buildings

The company conducts preliminary studies and executive designs and implements all stages of qualification It is concerned with the repurpose of the constructed building according to new requirements with The restoration is for practical buildings and installations thatwhere Partial or total change in the building to suit new service functions partially or completely different Qualification: For the activity of the building, the structural elements during the period of their investment and use are exposed to conditions Restoration: The work is different and may be different from the design considerations of these elements, which leads to To affect the durability and durability and take advantage of its durability and make it need Re-evaluate its durability and durability to determine the extent to which the building needs restoration This is done by making all the needs of the building and maintaining the nature and activity